Super Bowl XLIII Prediction – Who’s going to Tampa?

This is a guest post by Chase, our 12 year old football statistician and two-time Fantasy Football Champion, with his predictions for who’s going to Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII.

This bracket shows who I think will win the Super Bowl.  I think the Super Bowl matchup will be the last two Super Bowl winning teams, the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants.

Even though the Colts didn’t win their division, they are still a very strong team and many teams should watch out for them.

After upsetting the Patriots in the most recent Super Bowl, the Giants have become a better team.  They have a really good chance of repeating their Super Bowl victory.

This will be one of the most interesting Super Bowls ever because Peyton and Eli Manning fight to win the Lombardi trophy.

Chase's Super Bowl XLIII Prediction

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