Monday Night Football Prediction – Ravens vs. Bengals

The 2007 football season is now underway. Woohoo!

Tonight we get a double scoop of Monday Night Football on ESPN. That’s a great way to start off the football season.

For the first game of the night we get the Baltimore Ravens at the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s always a good rivalry.

Last year the Ravens looked good with Steve McNair at the helm, while the Bengals looked a little under the weather compared to the previous year.

I think it will be a pretty tough game, but I’m predicting that the Cincinnati Bengals pull it out with a marginal win. Of course, Carson Palmer is my fantasy football quarterback, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking!

Lori’s prediction: Ravens.

And finally the prediction of Chase, our 11 year old football statistician and 2005 Fantasy Football Champion: Ravens.

Looks like I’m outnumbered.

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