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Get some new bling with some stylish Broncos jewelry & watches.

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Denver Broncos Comforter

If you are a true fan of the Broncos, then it is time for you to get a Denver Broncos comforter.

The Denver Broncos continue to rise as an outstanding football team and you can show some football team spirit with a Broncos comforter.  You will never leave the presence of your favorite team with a comfy comforter that looks great in any bedroom.

The Denver Broncos comforter is warm and cozy, and will show everyone which football team you are rooting for on Sundays.  The comforter is made from 100% polyester jersey mesh so you can stay warm during the coldest of nights.  You can pick between a basic locker room comforter or the sidelines comforter for the orange sidelines to go with the blue comforter.  The comforter also features the Broncos logo on the front no matter which comforter you choose to go with.

Take the next step in displaying your team spirit with a Denver Broncos comforter.

Denver Broncos Jewelry

The Denver Broncos are a fun team to watch and you can show your Broncos team spirit wherever you go with Denver Broncos jewelry.

The Denver Broncos, led by their incredible quarterback, Peyton Manning, are continuing to prove themselves as one of the best teams in the league.  This football team is getting better and better and is striving to reach the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.

Don’t just support your team on Sunday’s, show your that your a fan wherever you go with Broncos jewelry.  There a number of ways to do this as Broncos jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. You will be able to let the entire world know who you root for on Sundays with these awesome pieces of jewelry.

Get some new team bling with Denver Broncos jewelry.

Denver Broncos Watches

The Denver Broncos are looking stronger than ever and you can show team spirit with Denver Broncos watches.

The Broncos have one of the most dynamic teams in the NFL with the gunslinger, Peyton Manning, at quarterback.  This football team has their eyes on the prize and look to hold up the Lombardi trophy soon.

Broncos watches can fit any fan, whether you are searching for a nice, classy watch or even a sporty watch.  Each watch features the Broncos’ logo on it, so you can let everyone know who you are rooting for on Sundays.  Broncos watches can also be great gifts for other Denver fans.

Don’t keep it a secret, let the world know that you are a big fan by wearing one of these stylish Denver Broncos watches.

Monday Night Football Prediction – Broncos vs. Patriots

The Denver Broncos take on the New England Patriots in an AFC match-up this Monday night.  Both teams are trying to avoid consecutive losses.

Although Denver’s quarterback, Jay Cutler, continues to play well, the rest of the offense has cooled somewhat.  They have failed to reach 20 points in their last three games, losing two of those.  But keep in mind that the Broncos have won 16 of the last 19 match-ups against the Patriots. 

With the loss of Tom Brady, New England doesn’t even resemble the 16-0 team from last season.  The offense has scored 20 points or more in only 1 of 5 games this season, and the defense is allowing 5.92 yards per play, which is 27th in the NFL. 

As you can guess from our prediction records so far, there have been a lot of surprises this year in Monday Night Football.  This week we are split down the middle  Chase (3-4) and David (3-4) choose Denver to win.  Spencer (4-3) and I (2-5) think the Patriots will dig deep and find a way to win this game.

What are your thoughts?  Will the Broncos continue their dominance over the Patriots, or was last week’s huge defeat at the hands of the Chargers enough to inspire the Patriots to get back on track and grab a win?  Take our poll and let us know who you think will get the victory.

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Monday Night Football Prediction – Minnesota vs. Green Bay & Denver vs. Oakland

The first Monday Night Football of the regular season brings us two games to enjoy.  The early game has the Minnesota Vikings taking on the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay.  Many will tune in just to see if Aaron Rodgers can handle the pressure of taking over as quarterback of the Packers after many years of watching from the bench.  We wish Aaron all the best!  We’re also looking forward to watching the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson in action again after such an outstanding rookie season last year.

The second football game of the night features the Denver Broncos at the Oakland Raiders.  This game will bring the debut of rookie Darren McFadden for the Raiders.  Plus, we’ll finally get to see a lot more of JaMarcus Russell at quarterback for Oakland.  Should be another exciting one to watch.

We’re going to continue with our family tradition of Monday Night Football predictions this season.  For the first game of the night, all four of us are callling it a Vikings victory.  For game two, Chase and Spencer are going with Denver, while David and I are predicting that Oakland will come away with the win.

Who do you think will come out the victor in these two Monday night games?  Take our quick poll and let us know. 

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Monday Night Football Prediction – Broncos vs. Chargers

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s the last Monday Night Football game of the regular season. The Denver Broncos head down south to play their division rivals, the San Diego Chargers.

The Broncos are out of the playoffs, so they’re trying to finish off their season on a positive note.

The Chargers have already won their division and are heading into the playoffs. That being the case, it will be interesting to see how much their star players, including LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates, end up playing. Because both of these players need to do well to win me our fantasy football championship, I’m hoping they play a lot:)

Lori, Chase, and I are all sitting at a record of 10 – 5 and we’re all picking the Chargers for the win. I guess we’ll have to determine a winner during the playoffs.

Take our quick poll and let everyone know who you think will win.

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Monday Night Football Prediction – Titans vs. Broncos

Monday Night Football brings the 6-3 Tennessee Titans to battle the 4-5 Denver Broncos. Both of these teams are still in the playoff hunt, so neither team can afford to lose this one.

Neither quarterback has been very consistent this season, although Cutler’s passer rating of 82 edges out Young’s rating of 68. Both of these teams will be relying mostly on their running game tonight to score their points.

Tennessee’s defense is definitely the better of the two against the run, so this may give the Titans the edge. However, this could turn out to be one of those games where the team (and quarterback) that makes the fewest mistakes will come out on top.

As far as our gang goes, David (7-4) is going with Tennessee. Chase (6-5) and I (6-5) are taking Denver.

Who do you think will taste victory tonight? Take our quick poll and let us know what you think.

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Monday Night Football Prediction – Packers vs. Broncos

The Green Bay Packers visit the Denver Broncos for this week’s Monday Night Football.

Brett Favre is looking like his old self this year, leading the Packers to a 5 – 1 record.

The Broncos are struggling a bit behind the arm of Jay Cutler, with a record of 3 – 3.

My (5 – 4) prediction goes to the Green Bay Packers for the win, though there may be some interceptions made by each defense. Lori (5 – 4), Chase (4 – 5) are also thinking Brett Favre will pull out the victory in prime time.

Who do you think will win this one? Take our quick poll. It’s quick, easy and there’s no sign-up or log-in required!

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