Monday Night Football Prediction – Patriots vs. Bengals

Monday Night Football goes to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati this week to bring us the New England Patriots taking on the Cincinnati Bengals.

With the Tom Brady to Randy Moss connection, the Patriots seem to have all of the pieces clicking together for a Super Bowl run. As I’ve said before, I think they are THE team to beat right now.

The Bengals like to put up points, but they also seem to like giving them up. With Carson Palmer as my fantasy football quarterback, I certainly hope he throws a lot of touchdowns against the Pats.

My (1 – 4) pick for this week is the New England Patriots. I just don’t see the Bengals defense being able to stop them.

Lori (1 – 4) is also picking the Patriots for the win.

Chase (0 – 5) is thinking the Pats are going to win this one as well.

Who do you think will win this one? Take our quick poll. It’s quick, easy and there’s no sign-up or log-in required!

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Monday Night Football Prediction – Ravens vs. Bengals

The 2007 football season is now underway. Woohoo!

Tonight we get a double scoop of Monday Night Football on ESPN. That’s a great way to start off the football season.

For the first game of the night we get the Baltimore Ravens at the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s always a good rivalry.

Last year the Ravens looked good with Steve McNair at the helm, while the Bengals looked a little under the weather compared to the previous year.

I think it will be a pretty tough game, but I’m predicting that the Cincinnati Bengals pull it out with a marginal win. Of course, Carson Palmer is my fantasy football quarterback, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking!

Lori’s prediction: Ravens.

And finally the prediction of Chase, our 11 year old football statistician and 2005 Fantasy Football Champion: Ravens.

Looks like I’m outnumbered.

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